Test PC components: HDD, RAM…

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having identified the components of your computer , there are now test to ensure that they work properly. Many users do skip this step because it sometimes takes a lot of time. Yet test its components is more than necessary, especially if you have a PC that is several years old.

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(merci pour le coup de pince)

it is often pressed to pass to the installation of the operating system when we got a computer . Yet, before you install though whether on your hard drive , I recommend you test a components most vulnerable: hard drive, RAM, motherboard, and power.

why test its components?

imagine: you install Windows XP on a old PC and everything goes correctly. But a few hours later, it is the drama: blue screen, reboots galore, screen that freeze, etc. You decide to hard drive test. The finding is final: hard drive is defective ! And there is unfortunately nothing to do to fix… If you had tested hard drive before installing Windows, you would have not lost time to install the OS, do all the updates of the system, install the drivers… So if I can give you some advice: test your components before installing Windows! 😉

test its motherboard and power supply

test your motherboard and your diet if you are unable to start your computer. This is the typical case: when you press the Power of the case, nothing happens. We need to know if the problem is with the motherboard that is defective or the power supply coming more to fuel your components.

to find out if the problem is with the motherboard or power supply , let’s just test the power . If the power supply works, the problem is the motherboard; If the power supply does not work, is that it is dead. (this is not to say that the motherboard is not defective).

to be sure it works well, we will try to start the power without connecting it to the motherboard . To do this, we’re going to connect the pin 14 (PS_ON #) to pin 16 (COM) on the ATX connector. In other words: connect the Green wire to the black 🙂 wire if food starts, is that it is in perfect working order!

 Pour démarrer l'alimentation sans la brancher à la carte mère, reliez les pins 14 et 16

to start the power supply without the plug to the motherboard, connect pins 14 and 16

to connect the 14 to 16 pine pine, you can use a paperclip, it will do the job! 😀


before continuing, remember to disconnect the power to the electrical outlet. Unplug all the connectors from power to the motherboard, the hard disk, the DVD player…

take connector ATX . This connector looks like this:


unfold the paper clip so that it takes the following form:


insert it into the ATX connector to connect the pin 14 (PS_ON #) to pin 16 (COM).


connect the power supply unit to the socket and press the button switch located behind the PSU to see if food starts or not.


If you turn the fan in the PSU, it’s that the power works fine! If after having plug, the PC still doesn’t appear, it means that your motherboard is defective .

test its hard drive

to test hard drive effectively, it must use the diagnostic utility provided by the manufacturer of your hard drive. It’s the most reliable way to find out if your hard drive is defective or not.

to do this, you must first know the manufacturer of your hard drive . Then, download the ISO of the Hiren’s BootCD and burn it to a CD – R . This all-in-one CD contains many components for diagnostic utilities. It includes those of test its hard drive .

here are the utilities that you need to use depending on the manufacturer of your hard drive:

  • for hard drives Fujitsu : Fujitsu ATA HDD Diagnostic Tool
  • for hard drives Hitachi : IBM – Hitachi Drive Fitness Test
  • for the Maxtor hard drives : Maxtor PowerMax
  • for hard drives Samsung : Samsung HDD Utility
  • to Seagate hard drives : Seagate SeaTools
  • for hard drives Toshiba : Toshiba Hard Disk Diagnostic
  • for hard drives Western Digital : Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools

you can also use a universal diagnostic utility that works with any hard drive , whatever its brand:

start your computer from the Hiren’s BootCD. At the start of Hiren, select back Programs.


choose Hard Disk Tools to access all the utilities for hard disk diagnostic.


then select the utility corresponding to the your hard drive manufacturer or a universal utility like HDAT2. Choose More… or … Back to scroll through programs. In my case, I have to test a Maxtor hard drive so I select Maxtor PowerMax .


leave the options of default Hiren ( Mouse Driver : Standard, DRIVERS: Auto) and choose the french keyboard ( Choose your Keyboard : EN).

in the utility options, always choose the Full Scan to do a test of your hard drive. The Quick Scan does not know my real state of health.


hard drive test is long enough. Run it before going to bed, for example, 😀

if the utility spot bad sectors on your hard drive , immediately back up your data on an external support. It is only a matter of time before your hard drive get off permanently!

test my memory (RAM)

reference software test its RAM is MemTest86 . It is used in LiveCD and LiveUSB. Download it from the following links:

Memtest86 LiveCD Memtest86 LiveUSB

to use MemTest86 LiveCD, simply burn the ISO on your CD – R.

to install MemTest86 on a USB , nothing simpler: unzip archive downloaded then run imageUSB.exe . Select your USB key, Write to UFD , check that the path to the MemTest86 image of is correct then click on Write to UFD .


namely: MemTest86 tests all RAM sticks installed on your motherboard. It is not possible to test one and only RAM bar. If you do the of RAM test with all your RAM sticks and if MemTest86 finds errors, it don’t you not said on what bar he found them. To find out, you must restart MemTest86 by testing your bars one by one until you find one that is defective .

start your computer from the CD or USB key on which you have installed MemTest86 . Choose the default options by typing figure 1 then made entry.


MemTest86 automatically launches the test your RAM .


in front of this mass of data, don’t take into account the number of tests performed ( Pass ) and the number of errors found on your RAM ( Errors ). I recommend you do 3-4 pass effectively test your RAM sticks .


if no error is found, it means that your RAM sticks work perfectly! MemTest86 will now show ‘ Pass complete, no. errors, Press Esc to exit “at the end of the first pass.

If your RAM is defective , MemTest86 will display errors like these:


Unfortunately, it is not possible to repair a RAM bar. To know what bar is defective, you need to restart your PC and relaunch MemTest86 by testing your bars one by one until you find one that poses problem.

to learn more about the errors displayed by MemTest86, read the chapter Error Display on the official site of the utility.

the last word

Although these operations can you seem long, I highly recommend you do before installing your operating system and all of your software on your PC. Test its components you will avoid wasting time to install programs on a faulty PC that will sooner or later spat. You could lose everything you’ve done!

test components of a PC is required if you have no idea of the State of the components. This happens if you are in the context of recycling an old PC you don’t know.

the game worth the candle! Once the hard drive, RAM and motherboard tests done, you can start installing your operating system and your programs safely 🙂