Test of the IRIScan Mouse WiFi: Scanner and mouse both [Quick Guide]

10:34 pm November 7, 201610515

I. introduction

today ‘, presentation and the IRIScan mouse test. Essential product if you’re traveling and you need to scan a document, a Bill, a picture, a business card… You can then export your scans, edit them, share them, save them and even texts translated… All with a mouse 🙂

the scanner Resolution: 300 DPI. The use of the mouse is wireless since it is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery by USB port. To recharge you can so like a wired mouse plug into your PC and use the cooldown.


II. Use

beforehand, you will have to install a software like any device scanner. For this, go to the next page: http://www.irislink.com. The software is available for Windows PC and MAC.


1: Cardiris Pro 5 is the application that will allow you to convert your business cards into digital contacts:


you can then export your contacts to your preferred email client: Outlook, Gmail

And 2: the software to scan your documents. Once installed, pressing the scan of the mouse button you can scan.


You can then export your scans in JPG, DOC, PDF, TXT, XLS, and PNG but also edit them, share them on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and email them directly. But even save them on Dropbox, Evernote. And if you want to translate text, the application will redirect you to Google translation.


III. Conclusion

the IRIScan mouse turns out to be handy with quality scans. A carpet is provided to slide a business card or a receipt to scan. The software is very easy to use. Good maintenance of the mouse, however I find too smooth coating, my fingers slipping slightly. When it comes to buttons, it changes me of my Logitech G500s, do not be afraid to click with some pressure on these, surely a question usually.