Test of the CPL TP – Link AV2000 pack [Quick Guide]

5:55 pm November 11, 201613711

I. introduction

today ‘ today, I will introduce a kit CPL at TP – Link (AV2000) . As a reminder, CPL ( currents carriers online ) is a means of communication but also a protocol. It allows to use your electrical system to build your computer network. Very useful if you are in a home and that the WiFi signal is weak and unreliable, but also to increase the flow. This last argument is very interesting because today everything we search internet is more greedy in terms of loading: Facebook with its images and videos, YouTube with HD videos, channels of music, the mails with attachment… However if your internet connection is weak, the CPL won’t help since the latter is only useful locally.

Its competitor, the cable network, is an alternative, but this forces you to break through the walls, not sure that Madam agrees.

Technical data:

  • theoretical flow: 2 GBit/s
  • Ports Ethernet: 2
  • socket: Yes
  • security: AES 128 bits
  • Wi – Fi: no
  • warranty: 3 years

II. AV2000 in pictures

very nice box but also very large. That they put me in it?


A little imposing by the fact that these 2 CPL have each one taken electric female. So no lost control 😉 however they cannot be oriented only by the top since they don’t have a grounded outlet.

Good point, the switch with 2 Ethernet ports that can connect two devices without having to add a switch (often found this device with a single Ethernet Jack). Convenient to connect your console and your TV or your SIN. For my part I could connect my desktop PC and my NAS on a CPL, the other being connected to my Box. This last is connected in fiber: p. for information, flow level I have no problem with me, when all goes well I’m downloading at 70/80 MB/s 😀


it is worth noting that the pack is sold with 2 cable network cat. 5th of 1.5 meters.

III. Installation

this step is very simple. First connect your 2 CPLs, one near your router or box and the other near the TV or office. Then on each device, press the “hand”. Wait a few seconds and it’s good you are connected to your network. And this without making it unavailable to the electrical outlets.

IV. Tests

Let’s talk about serious things, level flow that gives what? I have done several test with the following facilities: PC fixed, a PC laptop Lenovo Yoga 2 and another PC laptop Dell XPS (wifi card double strips).

Here are the results:


remarks: the WiFi tests were a meter from the internet Box. The CPL for been tested with the supplied cables: CAT 5E FTP not armored. These tests may vary depending on your electrical system. For my part I live in an apartment of the years 1995. More flow testing was carried from the site https://testdebit.info/ by downloading a package of 1 GB on a server OVH in Roubaix.

V. Conclusion

the positive point of this CPL is the ability to connect 2 devices to the case without having to add a switch. Regarding the rates, I find them very good. Sleep mode which reduces your power consumption is also very interesting (85% gain from TP-Link).

Regarding the small negatives, we regret that TP-Link have not shielded CAT 5E UDP or CAT 6 network cable provides. When you wake, economic mode causes some latency.

The TP-Link AV2000 pack is available on Amazon at the price of € 102 (variable price):