Test of an ultra-thin shell for iPhone 7 Red Canary [Quick Guide]

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published on 24 October 2016 playback time: 3 min. order Amazon on Note:

I received my iPhone 7 about a week ago and I was looking for a shell to protect it without necessarily alter the product. I have long opted for the shell leather at Apple, but I wanted to change this year. Therefore I present today a Red Canary ultra-fine hull!

This shell hardtail perfectly matches my expectations and adds only 0, 35mm thick and 5 grams of more compared to your naked iPhone. In other words, it is very difficult to see the difference with or without the shell, if the texture at the back which changes. It is already a good point!

Despite its finesse, I find that it protects pretty good the back and corners of the iPhone. These aren’t the most fragile areas in comparison to the screen but it avoids taking small shocks.


The buttons for the volume and the silent mode remain accessible despite the hull. It is also slightly thinner than an iPhone, so we keep the feel of the screen rounded on the edges to use.



However, the shell takes easily a few scratches on the back as can be seen in the photo. It is not that bad and is almost not seen. It is always better than to scratch the back of my iPhone! Finally, a small nod to the Jet Black iPhone, the shell avoids all traces of fingers on the back.



I’m really glad to have found this ultra-thin iPhone cover 7 and especially at this price! It is available on Amazon to less than 6 euros . I think it’s really gift, especially when compared to Peel , which is in the same spirit with a similar quality but for $ 25. However, it is not yet available for the iPhone 7 more but it won’t be long in my opinion.

I hope you enjoyed this presentation, if you order, feel free to leave me a message 🙂

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