Test 4G Box Bouygues Telecom: the solution for the forgotten very broadband? [Exclusive Guide]

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We were able to test 4G Bouygues Telecom Box for a few days. This new fixed internet box promises an internet connection high speed broadband at home thanks to 4 G. The quick fix for those who live in little dense areas? We give you our opinion in this test.

4g box bouygues telecom test

The promise of 4G Box

Bouygues Telecom introduced its 4G fixed internet box that stands out by offering access to internet only via the mobile network, but for the home. Thus, the operator intends to use its 4G network coverage to bring very broadband in areas which have a slow DSL connection. Available since January 23, 4G Box of Bouygues Telecom is eligible for 7 million customers, that figure will climb to 10 million by March 2017.

The box may run through the 4 G with DATA unlimited (whose signal is transformed into Wi – Fi), she will work in you with the Bouygues Telecom antennas closest to your home. Impossible to take it everywhere with you. The announced maximum theoretical rates are of 115 Mb/s in download and 38 Mb/s in download.

Design and connection

the 4G box provided by Bouygues is actually a router Huawei LTE cube E5180 which is compatible with 4G of category 4 up to 150 / 50 Mb/s. You can find the complete sheet just below.

Sheet of 4G Box of Bouygues Telecom
name router Huawei LTE cube E5180 4 G
mobile network connectivity 3G / 3 G +, 4G LTE category up to 150/50 Mbps 4
Wi – Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4-Ghz 2 × 2 up to 300 Mbps. 32 devices simultaneously.
Connectivity Ethernet RJ45 female RJ11 female, microSIM
another smartphone Huawei Hilink Application
Dimensions 110 x 70 x 70 mm
weight 250 grams
color white, LED blue

the 4 G box is quite elegant. A white colour, rounded shapes and a blue light on the top it is possible to turn on or not. The connection is simple enough: a RJ45 Ethernet to connect your PC via cable or another router Wi – Fi and a telephone socket RJ11 that will not serve you insofar as Bouygues offers only of the “single Play” in its offer.

4g box bouygues telecom ethernet

An antenna port is also available if you want to connect a 4G antenna performance. The hatch for the microSIM card is underneath and two diodes on the front indicate the quality of connection to the 4G network (blue, yellow or red depending on the strength of the signal) and the operation of the Wi – Fi (blue led on).

A very simple installation

the 4 G box is very simple to configure. There a plug with the supplied cable, insert the Bouygues Telecom SIM card in the box, make a long press on the hat of the box, and it is operational! A long press allows to turn it on and turn it off, when a short press control blue lighting.

You no longer have that to find the WiFi on your PC, smartphone, tablet or other and connect using the code located under the 4 G box. You can change this code quite easily through the Huawei Hilink application that you find on Android as iOS.
4g box bouygues telecom huawei hilink

The application allows you to manage the various devices connected to the box (up to 32), but also to easily share images between them or even keep an eye on your usage of DATA, even if it is unlimited.

4G unlimited Wi – Fi speed test

this is the great strength of the new box 4G of Bouygues Telecom, DATA in unlimited. The goal is really to replace your ADSL box which provides you with a rickety connection, limit the data would not make sense. The 4G signal passes so by the unit which then aired it via the WiFi 2.4 GHz on your devices, or via Ethernet if you prefer the good old RJ45.

A connection speed on a case-by-case

we tested 4G box in special conditions where we were not eligible for the service (in the 92), Bouygues therefore gave us a classic SIM card for the purposes of the test. With “weak” according to the box (led yellow network) signal, we have still managed to make web browsing and video streaming without a hitch.

box 4g bouygues test connexion

We conducted several tests of flows in Wi – Fi and Ethernet with NPerf tool. The best result that we got was with the portable Wi – Fi our PC: 7.7 Mb/s in download and 10,88 Mb/s in upload with a ping 24 ms . Amount flow speed is really nice when you know that provide some ADSL connections at this level.

Quality of streaming video

to the announcement of the 4G Box, there was a controversy over the clamping of the videos at 2 Mb/s. The information we have obtained from Bouygues Telecom are that this clamping should not take place. Initially, Bouygues announced to reserve the right to implement in case of network saturation in some areas, but will probably never happen insofar as a result would be contrary to the neutrality of the net.

Back to our tests, we had no problem when playing videos on Netflix and YouTube, on smartphone, Tablet, or PC. Videos appear in HD in a fluid way. Same thing on a Nvidia Shield TV using Molotov TV. Do not expect to read the 4 k with such a connection, but the service remains solid considering our 4G connection was not optimal.

Price and eligibility

the 4 G Box is already available on the site of Bouygues Telecom € 29.99 per month, plus € 3 per month for the rental box. The good news is that you can try the service for 30 days for free. If the service does not meet your expectations, you will be able to withdraw, with the costs of start-up and termination (€19 each) offered.

Go to this page to test your eligibility for service . If you have a bad connection ADSL, but you are not eligible, this may change in the coming weeks with the deployment of the network. It is also possible that the competition follows to Bouygues Telecom to offer this kind of solution

4G Box: why Bouygues Telecom is going to crash Free, Orange and SFR

our view on the 4G Box

despite a relatively high for an offer price simple play, Bouygues Telecom is the first french operator to offer a fixed through 4G for the people waiting for the fiber and dealing with a bad DSL connection, which is to be welcomed.

We may regret the lack of hybrid box with triple play offer, but it could happen if this first test is conclusive for Bouygues Telecom at its competitors. With an offer DATA unlimited and 30 day free trial, there is no reason not to try your luck.

This may be a really interesting solution for the public referred, provided that you are eligible for the offer. If we were pleasantly surprised by the supplied flow, some of you may get better depending on network coverage. Feel free to share your results with us if you are one of the first testers of the 4G Box.

What we like

+ a real solution for the forgotten of broadband and fiber
+ one elegant box
very simple Configuration + DATA unlimited
+ a good flow of upload
+ 30 day free trial

what we like least

– a quality of connection on a case-by-case
– high price for simple play
– not for 4 G +
– when a box hybrid with triple play?

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