StoreFront – Turn on verbose mode [Quick Guide]

8:50 am November 11, 201613316

I. introduction

today ‘ today, I’ll show you how to enable the debug mode on a StoreFront Citrix . It already happened to you not being able to authenticate you on your portal without knowing why or to come across this error:


the problem is that if you access the Storefront through a VIP you not sure what servers return you this error. And well I’ll show you that it is possible to have this information.

II. Configuration verbose mode

the following actions are to be repeated on each of your servers:

1. Connect you to the server

2. Modify the script.js this slot: C:inetpubwwwrootCitrix%votreStoreWeb%custom


3. Add the following at the beginning of your file:

 CTXS. Extensions.beforeLogon = function (callback) {CTXS. ExtensionAPI.trace('##_## Nom de votre serveur ##_##');

4. Save the file

5. Sign in to your VIP/StoreFront by adding the characters ‘ / #-tr “at the end of the URL. After pressing “Enter”, two tabs will open with this one:


III. Conclusion

very handy for debugging your Citrix servers prior to authentication but also after, for example at the launch of a publication (offices/applications). All you are going to make it through the URL to access the Storefront will be detailed in the debug tab.