StarTech launches a duplicator and Eraser standalone [Quick Guide]

2:57 am March 18, 20176558

StarTech launches a product that should delight the IT professionals and all those who manage their data securely. It is a device that plays the role of duplicator and Eraser of data to USB keys and hard disks SATA (2.5 “and 3.5”).

Without computer data management is simplified since this compact unit is self-contained, equipped with a LCD it allows:

– Duplication

there are 4 proposed different modes: copy fast, all partitions, sector by sector so the full disk with a flow rate up to 6.6 GB/min and the copy by percentage (and I’m not sure what it is…).

Duplication works in 1:1 mode and allows to cross interfaces, that is, you can duplicate a USB device on a SATA hard drive, and vice versa.

– erase

there are 6 deletion modes: quick erase full erase in one pass, erasing in 3 passes, erasing 3 passes and comparison, secure deletion, and deletion in 7 pass (7 cycles of erasing to follow).

It is important to note that different modes meet DoD 5220.2 – M and NIST 800-88 standards standards.

Make several passes aims to permanently remove data, reducing the risk that they can be recovered with data recovery software.

Finally, I share with you the opinion of Scott Burton, product manager at “ this device provides a versatile solution for information technology professionals to clone data between a SATA hard drive and a key USB.”

I must admit however that this product is at a price that will put off more than one: € 799.99 or €959,99.

Product card: duplicator and Eraser standalone USB keys and hard drives SATA 2.5 “/ 3.5”