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add default drive for burning CD or DVD you have multiple DVD drives in your PC and you want not the burner preset by Windows as a standard device for writing CD and DVD use? Then, you simply turn around. How we here reveal.

Windows: CD burner set as default

  1. Windows 7 then start and then click computer.  Windows 8 my PC click on the Windows Explorer and then on .
  2. now see the existing on your computer drives, including the burner.

    Laufwerke auf Windows-Computer
    Drives on Windows computer

  3. click with the right mouse button on one of the DVD drives and select properties .

    Eigenschaften eines DVD-Laufwerks.
    Properties of a DVD drive.

  4. next is click on host .

    Registerreiter Aufnahme in Windows
    Tab inclusion in Windows

  5. in disk burning then find the drives that you can set as a burner. From the menu, select your preferred burner. Save it by clicking on OK .

    Einen Brenner in Windows auswählen
    Here you select the burner that is supposed to work as a standard.

the burner you set here, is for Windows as of now the default device to describe a CD or DVD, for example, when you burn a CD or DVD from Windows Explorer .

under Windows XP on another drive switch

click workplace with the right button of the mouse on the icon of the desired burner in the .

with properties – recording – CD recording on this drive enable switch on the burner.

Windows XP: Eigenschaften des CD-Brenner-Laufwerks
Windows XP: properties of the CD-burner drive

then can be accessed at burning on this burning drive.

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