«««Spotlight: viewing the file in the Finder

7:38 pm May 17, 20178751

have found spotlight a file search results and want to display the file in the Finder? Read our tip.

file found in the Finder display

  1. press [ cmd – space] and enter the search term.
  2. Please wait until the search results appear.
  3. press and hold simultaneously the ALT [ ] and [cmd].
  4. double click on the file that you want to display in the Finder.
Spotlight: Gefundene Datei im Finder anzeigen
found files can be show

the tip is handy for example if you search for a file by spotlight in the Finder and then want to copy. Because in this way, you open the folder that contains the file. The corresponding file is immediately marked and you can instantly copy, move or delete. See the next tip on how you rename several files on the Mac


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