Spotify: toward more restrictions for its free version [Exclusive Guide]

8:28 pm March 17, 201710809

Spotify could soon limit once again the rights of users of its free version. As already announced it to previous rumors, Financial Times ahead, that service could restrict access to certain albums for free users, to push them to the subscription platform.


smartphones have forced many changes in the way we consume many media. But the industrial sector which for been the most impact is probably that of music, while the physical medium is very quickly passed to a streaming service.

And among many streaming applications music , it’s probably Spotify that will be most noticed globally, especially for the fact that it offers a kind of free subscription to listen to my music if one accepts to advertisements. But it for its limits…

The free offer of Spotify would have a new restriction

the Financial Times newspaper reveals information drawn from behind the curtains of the negotiations with the developer. This would have finally found common ground with the biggest labels, at the expense of its free offer.

The agreement would the royalties required by the labels for the appearance of the last albums lighthouses of their artists to be reduced, in Exchange that access to these for users of the free version is temporarily restricted.

This is not the first time that this new appears. When Spotify for reached 100 millions of users , it was said that my famous free offer caused a brake in the adoption of its Premium membership, and that the service would probably forced to make it less attractive.

While the application was at the center of a debate on the remuneration of artists, launched by Taylor Swift and the withdrawal of my albums of the platform, this new agreement between labels and Spotify could improve the catalog of music he proposes. At the expense of the free, always more.