Spotify reduces the life of your smartphone due to a bug [Exclusive Guide]

5:10 pm November 11, 201611688

Spotify is the most used music streaming service to the world, as the news is shocking: a bug in the application is abnormally used the internal memory of a smartphone, writing an incredible number of files and drastically reducing its service life. The developer is aware of this problem, and should correct it quickly.

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our mobiles have become our indispensable companions of daily life. Despite their more raw power, their use remained however very simplistic and in line with what a mobile phone offered before: socialization and entertainment are the 2 pillars of my experience.

For the latter, one of the most popular uses is other than listening to music. And for this, music streaming services is democratized in are a lot of to the point that the entire industry is seen to be dematerialized. Spotify is the grand champion.

But the application itself would be a problem lately. Indeed, several users report that usage, the software writes abusively all kinds of files on the internal memory of the phone. A rate of writing as he drastically reduced life expectancy of this memory, and therefore of the whole smartphone.

We are still talking about hundreds of gigabytes written then deleted every day on your phone’s internal memory. This bug would be linked to the use of the Mercury.db database, that use a lot of titles on the platform.

Spotify for been very silent on the case, but it seems that this bug for been fixed in version 1.0.42 of the application being deployed for the 100 million users of the service .

Therefore, we push you to monitor updates to the application and potentially wait until this version 1.0.42 is properly installed on your system before using Spotify. We’d all like the same confirmation of correction on the part of the developer, who was targeted by pirates in its free version on PC there is little.