Spotify Hi-Fi: a formula CD quality audio without loss in development [Exclusive Guide]

5:00 pm March 2, 201711385

Spotify would prepare a new audio CD-quality lossless formula. It is at least that have discovered a few American subscribers on their application, which temporarily offered this new offer. Reminder, the service is currently limited to compression MP3 320 kbps, it would be a nice step forward.

spotify fin offre illimitee gratuite

the smartphones have changed a lot of things in our daily lives. But there is a particular market which for been be revolutionized by my advent: the music. Gone are the days of cassettes, CD players and disc.

Place many music streaming services to existing on smartphone, Spotify was one of the pioneers and is now one of the best placed today. However, the service could soon include an offer that many ask.

Spotify would integrate the CD-quality lossless soon

at the moment, monthly paid subscription allows access to a 320 kbps MP3 compression, best quality available on the service. But a new formula of subscription in CD-quality lossless would be the study according to some American users of the service.

Spotify Hi-Fi

this offer, named “Spotify Hi-Fi”, is indeed appeared in some users, who however could not subscribe despite its appearance. Its price is also uncertain, since it appears to + $ 5/month each and + $ 10/month in others.

This could simply be due to the fact that family membership at £ 14.99 a month are now . Users who have subscribed so to pay € 5 more, when the classic formula would be to + €100.

Contacted by The Verge, Spotify for not confirmed the existence of this offer but said simply test every day new products without any announcements to make. But while the design of the application for been reviewed thoroughly , it’s also time to give a facelift to its offer. Such a formula, expected by most music lovers, would be welcome.