Spotify: a revised interface highlighting the albums coming soon [Exclusive Guide]

7:48 pm January 9, 20179986

Spotify is one of the most used music streaming services around the world, but we can’t say that its mobile application is part of the more worked on the market. The developer seems to have consciousness, and tests at this very moment a new interface of close reading of Material Design highlighting played albums.

Spotify interface

the years pass and the consumption habits of listeners around the world are gradually changing. The CD and even the purchase of digital title fighting wing, when monthly subscriptions have now become law.

Spotify is one of the most used services in the world, and intend to keep this up for years to come. For this, he no longer hesitated to tackle its competitors like Apple taxing them of anti-competitive s. But the service itself is not free of defects.

Its application for example, a little too simplistic visually particularly facing the competition, well deserves a new coat of paint. The developer seems to be aware since some users of the service, selected at random, seems, have discovered a new interface recently:

Spotify nouvelle interface

spotted by a member of the community of Android Police, it changes drastically as you can see. On the left, you see the old reading of the application interface. On the right, the new drive and the reading without playback by a simple support buttons in a vacuum.

A welcome change because it gives much more than style to the Spotify service. A trait that began to fail him, while its competitors such as Google Play music made the same kind of change there is little.

The war of the design seems to be the new fertile ground to gain popularity for music streaming. We should however not forget to fight on the ground of the price, so that Amazon somewhat upset the ecosystem there is little.