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depending on you pack more software on your computer, the slower it will start. While much of what there is loaded at every boot, is not important. What use is such a function, which already partially keeps an Office suite in the background, if you only rarely actually use the programs included.

How to remove programs that are loaded automatically at startup

  1. call Task Manager by entering the name in the search box or [Strg + Umschalten + Esc] up.
  2. Switch to the tab autostart.

    Taskmanager mit Tab Autostart
    Check the programs that are loaded automatically at system startup, in the Task Manager.

  3. In the list, encounter a program that seems useless, right click its entry.
  4. Now a context menu that offers you different possibilities will appear.

    Kontextmenue für einen Autostart-Eintrag
    Here, you can disable the startup programs.

  5. Are sure that the program is unnecessary, select disable .
  6. Is not entirely clear to you what an entry belongs, go to search online. It used a Web search, which uses the program name and smart erweise also its file name and should help to explain the entry.
  7. With , open file location start an Explorer window in the directory of the program and come here maybe on the purpose of the selected program.

You’re with the theme “Auto start” less to the startup but automatically start media, then continue reading here: Windows Autostart: action when inserting media change .

So make sure what earlier versions of Windows when starting download

with Windows 7 or earlier, it works so: give a “msconfig” in the search box of the start menu and click the site system configuration

  1. .
  2. It seems a simple UBB-like program with multiple tabs. Go Startup tab.
  3. This list displays all programs loaded on the various startup options from Windows.

    Autostart-Programme mit Msconfig kontrollieren
    Startup programs using Msconfig check

  4. find it which belong to unimportant programs or maybe even constantly annoy you, click the tick away. The program is now disabled.
  5. Similar applies to entries in the tab services just for the Windows 7 background services. Here you should work but never on good luck but disable really clearly unimportant. Otherwise, parts of Windows may not correctly work.
  6. Generally, you can make changes easily undo. Because as soon as you disable an entry, msconfig in the first tab on the mode switches to custom . As soon as you change to the Basic setting normal startup all programs and services are running again normally.

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