«««Special characters, see the character table of Windows

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who wants to install a special character in a text, needs the Windows codepage. All characters in a font are listed here. In addition, you can choose here between several scripts and their characters.

To start the Windows codepage

  1. [Win – R] press.
  2. Type charmap a.
  3. Then click on OK or press [Return] .

In all versions of Windows you will see a window with the special characters.

Windows Sonderzeichen Tabelle
A short command invokes the character table of Windows.

Special characters table use

  • to open the table you see above in the window a selection box for the font.
  • Select the desired font and select the click.
  • Then, the character table displays all the characters in this font.
  • If you are looking for special characters, select Wingdings as a font.

Read here how to quickly display the fonts in Windows .

insert special characters if you want to use a character in a document, you can copy pasting there.

  1. Once the character
  2. then click click select .
  3. The character appears under the table in a command line.
  4. If you want to select another character.
  5. Then in the Clipboard to take over the characters, click the copy on .
  6. Then switch to the desired application and over Edit – Paste insert the character.

Here we continue with our tips for word .

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