Sound problem: convert the audio track of a MKV file

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this is the situation: you download a movie MKV , you start playback on your Samsung TV or your Freebox, and there big problem: my is very low or inaudible ! You think it’s over? It takes you to find another version of this movie? Stop immediately! The crab for prepared a tutorial with onions that will allow you to change the audio track of a MKV file and be able to quietly watch your movie. It is!

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if I do this tutorial, it’s that I also met this sound with a MKV file problem . I run the movie on my Samsung TV, I select the track audio VO (English) from the menu of the Freebox, I start reading then come quickly this sound problem… I am considering as a first step to purchase a hearing aid… then I say to myself that there must be a solution to be able to play this audio track properly!

I realize that the audio track in the MKV file is in the format AC3 5.1 . However, virtually all the TV (Samsung, LG, Sony…) trade are equipped with stereo speakers 2.0. Therefore, when you ask the TV to read sound 5.1 speakers 2.0, the sound is very low or inaudible. It is necessary to increase sound in back balloons and then to wake the neighbors when we go back to conventional channels: p

you talk too much crab, get to the point!

OK OK! Here’s what we do:

  1. extract the audio track of the MKV file
  2. convert the audio track in the appropriate format (for example from AC3 5.1 2.0 ABA)
  3. insert this new audio track in the MKV file

what you will need to complete the audio conversion of the MKV file :

  • MKVToolNix (Toolbox that allows to create, edit and inspect the MKV files)
  • gMKVExtractGUI (program that allows to extract video, audio tracks and subtitles MKV file)
  • free Audio Converter (program to convert any type of audio files – wav to mp3, flac to mp3, wma to mp3) (, dts to ac3, etc.)
  • … and your MKV movie!

before download and install MKVToolNix .

download gMKVExtractGUI , unpack the archive and run the executable gMKVExtractGUI.exe . Attention, you must have installed MKVToolNix, otherwise the program will not work.

select your file MKV by clicking on the button Browse… under Input file .


eventually, choose the destination for the audio folder in Output Directory (by default, the same folder as that of the file MKV ).

the software displays the contents of the file MKV . In the example below, we have a video track (Track 1), two audio tracks (Track 2 and 3) and two subtitles tracks (Track 4 and 5).


check the line Track corresponding to the track audio you want convert . In my case, it’s the VO in the 5.1 format that interests me. So I check the line that contains the tags [audi0], [English] and [Ch6] (for 5.1).


Finally, click on the button Extract to extract the audio track of the MKV file .


to convert the audio track of the MKV

download and install free Audio Converter . Beware, the Setup by default installs adware. Be sure to uncheck the boxes at the beginning of the installation:


run the software. Click the button Audio and select audio track that you have extracted earlier.


options conversion available to you now. If you have the same goal as me, namely change the format of the audio track (from 5.1 to 2.0 – stereo) to correct the problem of low sound on the TV, I recommend you to choose the AAC format . Of course, you are free to choose another format: MP3, WAV, OGG… Click the button in AAC .


choose the profile 192 Kbps .


click the convert to start the conversion of the audio track.


audio conversion can be quite long! Everything depends on the power of your CPU and the length of the track 🙂


insert the audio track in the MKV file

once our audio track for been converted, you have to insert the in the MKV file !

run the application MKVToolNix-GUI from the start menu. It will allow us to insert audio we just convert into our file MKV .

click once on the button Add source files all the way down and go get your file MKV . Then, click the same button a second time but this time get the converted audio track.


in the box source files , you should have your MKV file and your converted audio track. Optional: in the box tracks, chapters and labels , you can uncheck the old audio track.


choose the name of the final MKV file under file that will contain your film and its new audio track. Finally, press the start multiplexing to insert the audio track in the MKV .


that is! We have converted the audio track of the MKV file ! 😀 just us have to start playback of the film, select the sound track Strip and quietly watch your movie. You have deserved it 😉