Sony Xperia XZ Premium: getting started with the best smartphone Android 2017 [Exclusive Guide]

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the Sony Xperia XZ Premium was announced this morning as part of the 2017 MWP and it’s the first smartphone on the market under Snapdragon 835. However, its assets are far beyond its simple power since it team is also a screen 4 K HDR but also of the photo sensor without doubt the most advanced ever offered by Sony. Here is our ownership of the most high-end of 2017 the smartphone.

sony xperia xz hands on

grip video of the Sony Xperia XZ Premium at MWC 2017

a true high-end 2017

, This Sony Xperia XZ Premium offers datasheet the more muscular of the market, at least for now. Although first Snapdragon 835 stocks remain reserved for Samsung, the Galaxy S8 won’t be the first smartphone announced under this SoC since Sony for overtaken Samsung. XZ Premium will however after my Korean rival who should, meanwhile, arrive in April.

Alongside the last chip from Qualcomm, there is also a nice screen 4K HDR which, as you can see in the video, offers colors and stunning contrasts. A monster but expected no less on the part of Sony.

sony xperia xz premium audio

the future champion of photography

sony xperia xz premium photo

Sony who since the Xperia Z1 continued to improve the quality of its high-end devices photo today inaugurated its newest sensor. A 19 megapixel definition, this includes the technologies that we had seen on board the XZ (the famous triple image with auto focus laser sensor) but offers also new features, including the Super Slow Motion to 960 fps, the ever seen on mobile!

Note that this sensor integrates a DRAM module that allows it to offer predictive capture. Thus, it will capture several images before you have time to press the shutter button to then offer you the best. One thing is for sure, as a camera phone, the Xperia XZ Premium sets the bar very high.

Sony: taking photo in 1/120 second, 1080 p video at 1000 fps for a high-powered sensor

a premium but design that innovates not

worthy successor to the Xperia Z5 Premium launched in September 2015 at IFA, this Xperia XZ Premium resumes its appearance bright but in lines that are those of the Xperia XZ launched a few months ago . Include famous rounded but also famous horizontal borders that remain very cumbersome, plus at the time or smartphones are increasingly borderless . A default Sony does not seem determined to correct and it’s a shame.

The other negative point of this smartphone is its brilliant appearance. The mirror effect already found on the Z5 Premium is unquestionably beautiful, even more on the black model we had in the hands. Unfortunately, this brilliant Shell brand much traces of finger, as the smartphone seems dirty barely taken in hand. For a camera positioned in this market niche, it’s still an annoying defect.

sony xperia xz premium design
sony xperia xz premium prix
sony xperia xz premium lecteur empreintes
sony xperia xz premium dos
sont xperia xz premium ecran

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