Socratic: the app that does homework instead of students! [Exclusive Guide]

6:33 pm January 20, 20176305

Socratic is an application which is likely good to talk about her for a long time. Now on iOS and a website (the Android app is coming soon), Socratic proposes to do homework instead of students. And in addition to work for them, it makes review so that one day they no longer need.

socratic application devoirs

originally, Socratic is a certainly known some crafty web site. my goal is roughly doing homework instead of students . Today, Socratic landed in an app for iOS and soon on Android (in development).

Do you remember Photomath, the application that solved the problems of Mathematics ? Well Socratic is extended to all materials that students are at the college, high school and even college. One can find topics like biology, chemistry, math, psychology, history, astronomy, Anatomy, geography, and many others still.

Socratic works also in an extremely easy way. Just take a photo the sheet of the topic and the application solves the problem immediately, with the steps to achieve the result. In addition to the solution, students can access various resources with a simple swipe of a finger: videos, courses, etc.

the goal is to get them to revise, to learn and eventually dispense with the Socratic application. Only downside at the moment, Socratic works in English. You have to translate your statements in English so.

So unless you have a good English teacher to translate all your subjects, we have to master the language of Shakespeare a bit. Pending the arrival of a French and other languages.

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As explained earlier, no Android version is available at the moment but you can access the website to use the service. In the meantime, it can be useful no?