So you can test in Windows your hard drive

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also on modern Windows computers errors on the hard disk may be. And these errors are noticeable under circumstances not Unexplainable behavior of the computer. Therefore, you should regularly test your hard drive.

hard disk with Windows test

  1. run the Windows Explorer and open the Branch in the left navigation bar this PC (in earlier versions of Windows, the entry was computer ). You start and then click computer .
  2. click the hard drive icon with the right mouse button and select properties .

    From Windows Explorer, you can start the hard drive test.

  3. the following a click on the tab tools .
  4. then click the button checking or now in previous versions of Windows.
  5. if so far noticed a problem with the hard drive Windows, it pointed you out. To continue anyway, press scan now on the link.

    Laufwerk scannen
    Had Windows so far noticed nothing suspicious on the selected hard disk, it tells you that.

  6. now the testing begins and a window informs you about the progress.
  7. if it comes to problems, offers you Windows repair on. How do you repair Windows 7, see later in this post.

hard disk with HDD scan free program test

one is external hard drives, in which provides a built-in adapter between the connection of hard disk and the USB interface, the normal means of Windows not so good verifiable.

thanks to the free tool HDD scan can you but also when these data stores obtain a first overview or perform an extended test.

to use HDD scan

the program not have to be installed, but consists only of a ZIP archive, you unzip it somewhere on your hard drive. To start, you run the included HDDScan.exe.

in the list under select drive , select the desired hard disk, and then click the round blue button. It opens a window with several options. For a review of the readability, you choose first of all surface tests .

it appears another window for the details of the test

HDD Scan
HDD scan

read test tried doing to read all data blocks. Your plate successfully completes it, all data are still fine.

with Verify test also a pure reading test is performed. Aklerdings the program only checks to see whether the data arrive correctly in the read buffer on the hard drive. Will not detect a possibly existing problem with the adapter interface or the wiring.

you want to delete all existing data, select erase .

start the test by clicking Add test. It will be a new line in the window for the task. To view details of an item, double click on each line.

stopped stop will be via a right click on the entry and select task .

access times graphically evaluate

which is interesting “butterfly test”. Thus, the program reads all sectors, reads data blocks it but turns inside and outside, to end up in the middle of the range of the data. You can access time while measured by double-clicking on the entry in the task list entirely below visually represent let.

no uniform distribution as in the picture below, but always break with extra long access times gives it a starting problem with the mechanics.

Butterflytest HDD Scan
Butterfly test HDD scan

SMART data storage read any modern hard disk keeps internal a list of values, stored usage data, errors that occurred, or the current temperature.

If you click after selecting the hard disk s.m.a.r.t., HDD scan reads this data and represents in a list.

the interpretation of the values leaves the program however you. You do so only sly, how the data is to evaluate.

Windows 7: repair hard drive

to repair the hard drive to happiness is no longer quite so often necessary as in times of old FAT file system of the early versions of Windows.

still: If there are even problems with data, it is may be worth once to start a repair run. The necessary program for Windows 7 on board.

click on the start menu, and then click computer to start the repair. Then click with the right mouse button on the drive, the data structure you want to check and repair. Click properties – tools


it goes with check now.

Datenträger überprüfen in Windows 7
disk check in Windows 7

, select the on-demand options automatically fix file system errors and bad sectors are looking for / recover . If you want to check the plate really only on error, leave both boxes blank. But at least the automatic correction of errors is usually advisable.

then click on start . Depending on the size and data inventory, testing can take several hours. The disk is not accessible at this time. Otherwise, you can continue but on the computer.

Note: If you want to check the drive where Windows 7 is installed, a reboot of the system is necessary. This examination takes place. In case you can not keep working on the computer. The best route as a check on the work – then the computer for enough time to do its work.

if refuse all these tips help reformatting the plate may be a backup and a .