So type a backslash in Mac OS X a

10:57 pm March 31, 201711400

switchers from Windows to the Macintosh are looking sooner or later after the backslash character, the backslash. The keyboard shortcut for the backslash is [Umschalten – Alt – 7] . For working with files and directories on the Mac you do not need the backslash however.

However you’ll get as a programmer on the backslash when programming regular expressions. Then you need to “escape” characters.

Backslash auf dem Mac
backslash on Mac

more special character on the Mac

backslash in Parallels and of course anyone who uses Windows on the Mac with a virtual server like Parallels requires the backslash.

here it works since version 7 as well as on the Mac with [Umschalten – Alt – 7] . However, you must use the [Alt] button right next to the space bar, otherwise it is not.

If you have only the left hand free, use [Umschalten – Ctrl – Alt – 7] – but with the left [Alt] – button.

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