So, Thunderbird checks your spelling in emails

5:48 pm March 20, 20175911
it is

particularly in important business emails annoying if sneak a typo. However, the check of spelling helps in Thunderbird.

to install a dictionary in Thunderbird

  1. select Tools – Addons from the menu.
  2. you type in the search box right above: click on the site dictionary, classic and reformed
  3. dictionary.

    Rechsreib-Addon auswählen
    This addition will teach the German spelling Thunderbird.

  4. select install and confirm the license agreement.
  5. Extras – Settings after installation for been completed, to the menu item.
  6. you choose there out and in it spelling write tab.
  7. in the window select below the German dictionary in the list box.

    Rechtschreibprüfung aktivieren
    In this dialog box, select the desired dictionary and activate the Sofortprüfung.

  8. If you activate the checkbox above the the language selection, then Thunderbird displays typos while typing.

be displayed error in spelling when writing a new message the typical red squiggly lines should point out immediately on words, which does not know the system.

Thunderbird Arbeiten mit der Rechtschreibprüfung
so the spell checker

works when you click a Word so marked with the right mouse button, suggested corrections appear. Select one of them, then the spell checker corrects the error directly in the text.

with the additional options you can either add a non-existent Word to the dictionary or simply ignore it, just prevent it is marked as an error.

not coming at you the list of proposed corrections, you must restart probably just Thunderbird.

so you use side by side

various dictionaries if you must keep, for example, business correspondence in English, then you can install Thunderbird just with different dictionaries.

you download all other required languages.

when composing a message you choose via the selection list when spelling , which dictionary you want to use the program for this email.

Thunderbird Wörterbnuch umschalten
so you quickly switch to Thunderbird dictionaries.

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