««So stop or slow the data transfer from dropbox

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you want to stop the transmission of the dropbox if you are watching a other download or upload the run have. Here you read, just how the whole.

to stop exchanging data in the dropbox

  1. click the dropbox icon in the system tray (on the Mac) on top of the menu bar.
  2. the gear icon opens a new submenu.
  3. choose there synchronization pause .
  4. now dropbox will stop the data transfer.

    Dropbox Synchronisation anhalten
    So, dropbox will stop the data transfer.

to resume synchronization, perform above steps again and select then resume synchronization .

to permanently reduce the transfer rate of the dropbox

on Windows:

  1. click on the dropbox icon in the system tray right at the bottom of the Windows desktop.
  2. use the gear icon and from the menu that appears the point settings.
  3. , select the settings tab bandwidth .
  4. here are each the file upload and download speed slow down.
  5. select limit to: and enter a transfer rate.
  6. upload you can either keep the default, when the dropbox tries to hinder your work as little as possible or abandon limit using : here’s a value.
    Dropbox Bandbreite begrenzen Dropbox allows you to limit the bandwidth used by him.

on the Mac:

  1. click the dropbox icon in the menu bar of your OS X desktop.
  2. use the gear icon to go to the settings .
  3. open network and click the bandwidth: settings change.
  4. enabling each limit on: and enter the data rate you want.

    Übertragungsrate auf dem Mac wählen

choose transfer rate on Mac to calculate the value for the limit

the limits are specified in the settings for dropbox in Kbytes per second. During Internet connection, however, it expresses its bandwidth in MB / second. To convert the bytes per second, share as a rule of thumb the value by 10

an example: you have a line of type “DSL 6000”. It for a maximum download rate of 6 MB / s. Then maximum of 6 million bits you get per second. That is equivalent to 600,000 bytes per second or enter a limit of 200 KB/s 600 KB/s

If you now maximum would concede a third of your bandwidth dropbox in the settings. Open the management interface of your DSL router and there looking for a point of DSL information

If you do not know your DSL data rate or similar means. There, the current data rates in both directions should be evident.

a Fritz box, see right above the value right home page:

Fritzbox DSL-Datenrate
a Fritz box you see the DSL data rates on the input side.

Have no access to the router interface, you can perform an alternative an online speed test, how about at speedtest.net. Who for also the advantage that not the theoretical maximum, but the actually achievable bandwidth is determined.

If you need the entire contents of your dropbox on your current computer, you can also selectively exclude the dropbox directories of synchronization .