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the Windows Explorer for an additional option for folder views, with which you can sort your MP3 files. So you bring structure to your collection of music files.

the grouped view is if many music files in a shared folder are grouped together so not for subdirectories.

to sort MP3 files

  1. suppose you have a folder full of MP3s offer through their different naming a chaotic picture.
  2. open this directory, that looks for example like this, with the Windows Explorer.

    Musiksammlung unstrukturiert
    An unstructured collection of music

  3. operate on a free space in the file window to activate the right mouse button to display the context menu.
  4. you select there the option group by – album.

    Gruppieren nach Album
    group by album

  5. so the Explorer looks at the contents of files and summarizes all files that have the same entry for the album title. The group then gets exactly this information as a heading. You can see a summary of all albums.

    Dateien gruppiert nach Album
    Grouped album

  6. by the small black triangle you can fold a track files in, so that only the album title will be shown.
  7. via right click on is the title of an album and the option , all groups reduce the Explorer minimizes all groups so that you see only albums.

Explorer remembers groups

even if you change the view, the grouping will remain.

If you go content so, for example, on the type of view, you receive the following picture.

Nach dem Sortieren zeigt der Explorer die MP3 Dateien so an.
view content with grouping

to leave the group view again

, around again to get rid of the grouping, click with the right mouse button on a free position m file window.

grouping select the displayed options – (no) and you have a normal presentation of your files again.

you want quick information such as title or artist in the music change? Then continue reading here: MP3 files: songs, albums, and artists quickly and change .

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