So save a defective Fritz box

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after the failure of a software update or another action, it can happen that your Fritzbox is no longer reachable and seemingly no longer responds. If it is not a real failure of the hardware, you might still save your router in such a situation.

so you can restore your Fritzbox

  1. you need to a Windows PC and either the CD or the functioning Internet connection of a neighbour.
  2. you get the matching to your model EXE program to the revive of the Fritz box from the CD or by .
  3. disable the firewall of your Windows Control Panel . You will find the settings for the firewall there under system and security – Windows Firewall – customize settings.
  4. you disconnect all wires from the box, including the power supply.
  5. now connect the PC through a network cable directly into the first network connection in the box (LAN 1 oder LAN A).
  6. important: even if it plays no role in the normal operation of your Fritzbox, to which the bushings depends on a device: during recovery, the choice of the place is crucial: on a different port than LAN 1 (or LAN A for older models) connected, the Fritz box is not found by the PC and the restore fails!

    Fritzbox LAN1
    The connection to the PC must be made via the LAN1.

  7. run the restore program. It indicates you first have not the power to connect to the box.
  8. follow the instructions of the tool, and then connect the cable of the AC adapter when prompted.
  9. when the tool after a few seconds specifies the model name in the box and starts to upload firmware, is perhaps still hope for your device.

    Fritzbox Wiederherstellungstool
    Fritz box recovery tool

to get the right recovery program

the necessary program is different for each Fritz box model. You will find the most suitable on the supplied CD in the directory SoftwareX_misc or get it from the FTP server by AVM.

you do not have the CD you call from a functioning Internet connection from the address and change to the directory that matches the model name of your Fritzbox.

there go to the subdirectory x_misc/German /, where one or more .exe files are listed. There just take the latest file.

for the Fritz box 7490, you will see the correct directory, for example, in the picture.

Wiederherstellungsdatei auf dem FTP-Server von AVM
find the software to the reanimate a Fritz box on the server by AVM.

That should make to successfully restore of the Fritz box

  1. when the program is finished, connect your box again in the previous configuration of the cables.
  2. now the device is not directly accessible, most likely because it for got a different configuration of the network together with the firmware.
  3. best restart the PC, so that it adapts to the new configuration or type following command on the command line ipconfig / renew
  4. start your browser and enter address .
  5. works, then you must reconfigure now complete your box. If you have stored your previous configuration, then it is enough again to play back recover in the menu of the interface using the menu item – security – system.
  6. If you have no configuration, you must set up the Fritz box of hand completely.
  7. don’t forget to update firmware update because the recovery tool includes mostly an older version the software of the unit after successful configuration via .

    Fritzbox Update der Firmware
    Via the menu item system – update, you can download the latest firmware for your Fritz box.

  8. you reactivate your Windows Firewall.

errors about the hotline requesting a replacement

fails either recovery or responds always still does not, you need to contact the box despite successful recovery AVM in contact.

Maybe the support staff have got a trick in stock. If not, you can direct the free replacement of your Fritzbox in the way support – if the device is still within the warranty.

support reach either online using the contact form or the phone number 030-390 04 390

by the way: your Fritzbox can probably more than you think. To substitute for a fax machine , as can work as a print server and helps to find misplaced mobile phones.

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