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sometimes the lines are and columns of a table are upside and you would have to actually turn the table. We will show you how to do this in Excel

to rotate a table

  1. in Excel to swap rows and columns, first select the area you want to change.
  2. then press [Strg + C] to copy the data to the Clipboard. (Note: that does not work with the cut of the data.)
  3. click now with the right mouse button on the field from which you want to insert new columns and rows. It goes well with a different sheet, or a new file.
  4. in the menu that opens, you will see the paste options . Among them is an icon that shows two blocks and an arrow. As soon as you move the mouse over it, the info appears transpose (T) .

    Excel Einfügen mit Transponieren
    There is the possibility to rotate in data throughput options for inserting the Clipboard.

  5. if not seeing the icon is, the mouse pointer is over the arrow right next to content insert… In this pop-up submenu you will find the right button.
  6. click transpose to insert the table with interlacing rows and columns.

after clicking on OK then the data in the table are inserted.

by the way, did you know, that you hide in Excel columns and rows can?

as a table in Excel prior to version 2007

turn the columns into rows, proceed as follows in Excel:

  1. select the entire table.
  2. copy the table to the Clipboard.
  3. you put the insertion point at the location where the converted table to be inserted.
  4. click Edit – content Insert and set you transpose down right when a check mark.

    Transponieren beim Einfügen einer Tabelle in Excel
    Transpose when inserting a table in Excel

  5. click on OK adds the converted table.

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