So let Excel at one time viewing all formulas

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are you an overview worksheet, which calculated fields and which are occupied with a fixed value, allow viewing all formulas to Excel. This is much more practical than revealing the contents of each cell by clicking on.

so, Excel displays all formulas of a table

  • suppose you have a table with some calculations, which looks like

    to obtain
    example table in normal view

  • the calculation formula for all cells, in plain view, go to the tab formulae and click on the button show formulas.

    Menue Formeln Anzeigen
    The menu item formulas display

  • where they form foundations of cell contents, which will now change the results to the underlying formulas. Floating-point numbers, which might otherwise limited are represented in the set, appear now fully written and without further formatting, date values as numbers.

    The same example in formula view

  • helps the whole browsing errors in tables. On the one hand, you so check the formulas, on the other hand, the underlying fixed figures can see and verify.
  • back to the normal representation goes with one further click on the button show’s formulas .

to switch on Windows the representation using the keyboard to

although in the ToolTip for the button, the keyboard shortcut [Strg] – [#] is called: this shortcut works only with the English versions of Excel or Excel 2007. This seems to be a persistent flaw in the program.

on a German version 2010 leads the combination only to the currently selected cells to the date format to be toggled.

, you’ll get still representing formula in Excel using the keyboard you can use the device that exposes all menu items by letter as soon as it for once pressed the button [Alt] .

depending on the version you reach the button by pressing buttons one after the other – so not simultaneously – [Alt] , [M] and [O] or [Alt] , [M] and [F] . What must be pressed, Excel through the unhidden letters shows you, as soon as you press [Alt] :

after pressing [Alt]

you can reach all menu items using the keyboard to turn on a Mac using the keyboard to

on OS X, there the problem with the version-dependent keyboard shortcuts do not.

here work the switching easy with [Ctrl + Umschalten – ´] (this is the button to the right of [ß] ).

why the display of date values as a number?

Maybe you wonder how Excel formula display expresses the date values.

instead of dates, a sequential number for the date appears here. Instead of 24.12.2017 see, for example 43093 .

the reason that Excel date values internally treated as a number. Counting fractions are the days from the 1.1.1900. times are. would 5 be expressed then by Excel as 43093 , for example, 12:00 on Christmas Eve 2017 would more so 1/2 day

maybe would you do not see all the formulas, but received only a note, which fields of fixed values and which consist of formulas. Then continue reading here: how to find all cells with formulas in Excel.

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