Snapchat: the social network of young people headed straight into the wall [Exclusive Guide]

11:30 pm May 11, 20176932

Snapchat is seen as the favorite social network of young people for a very long time, and the application of chat a bright future. Yet, that future seems to be heading right towards a wall, while the results for the first quarter of the company come to us showing a company in serious trouble.

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we know all the “success story” that abound in the world of mobile applications. Snapchat part: a small chat application is born a company listed and seen as one of the most conducive to growth in the coming years.

There is little, it did evolve my concept by leaving for the first time users choose to stop the self-destruction of messages on Snapchat . What give the impression that the company was always as dynamic, but the reality is cold in the eyes…

Snapchat goes right in the wall

the financial results for the first quarter of 2017 for Snap Inc. show how the company is actually in trouble: she will have spent 2.3 billion dollars on these 3 months, but won only $ 149 million to compensate for this aggressive investment.

Worse still, its rate of active users slowly now, 5% only for 166 million. The application would benefit from better consider Android users to do this, then what She acknowledged support iOS for the moment.

This situation is obviously far from pleasing investors, coming obviously open eye to the very ephemeral status of this social network. The Snap Inc. stock price already dropped 20 to 25 percent on the first hours of opening, erasing any growth since its opening.

This isn’t for lack of good ideas, however, and for evidence: competitors, like Facebook, constantly take back them . But the fact is that the developer for not yet a viable economic model to support its activity. Obviously, Snapchat is going to be a bubble among others in this market.