Snapchat: download the latest beta with notifications Group [Exclusive Guide]

6:58 am February 7, 201715466

Snapchat for Android just got a new beta version that marks the arrival of a new feature: grouped notifications. To enjoy, just that your smartphone is running (at least) Android 7.0 Nougat and you to become beta tester. You can get all the latest news before everyone else. 

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download Snapchat beta for Android

Snapchat who acknowledged a few days ago support iOS to the detriment Android just update its beta with a small innovation that should make life easier for all those who use the application on a daily basis. Group notifications that take full advantage of the possibilities offered by Android 7.0 Nougat.

Instead of display individually, application notifications will come come together in the Panel. When you press it, the notifications will then expand to tell you who sent you a snap, which for sent you a cat or who tried to call you. Note that only smartphones under Nougat can take advantage of this new feature, which is quite logical since it is one of the basic features of version 7.0.

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knowing that this new beta for just landed in the Google Store Play, you will probably need to wait a few weeks before grouped notifications are available in the public version of the application. However, if you do not wish to wait and your smartphone is in Nougat, you can then right now take advantage of this new version by becoming a beta tester. Here’s how:

If you ever decide to indulge, write down everything and it is only a beta version. Therefore, it is not impossible that you will encounter a few bugs.

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