Snapchat admits support iOS, but won’t survive without Android [Exclusive Guide]

11:15 am February 4, 201712545

Date of last update: 3 February 2017 at 15 h 12 min

Snapchat is now Snap Inc., and just let its IPO. On this occasion, the company for done a little introspection and flatly admitted that she favored iOS unlike Android. However, she does not see its future without the Google operating system. Even worse: she fears the worst if it does not fit.

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the wonderful world of smartphones made smaller players of today can become the behemoths of tomorrow, then sadly die after the fact of having failed to negotiate their shift to financial stability.

Snapchat is part of the latest applications to meet a success as they have now to structure themselves. Renamed Snap Inc., it prepares its IPO now. Success certainly deserved, but bitter for Android users who always had a lower than IOS version .

Snapchat admits support iOS, but sees my future on Android

on the occasion of this IPO, Snap Inc. documents reveal the philosophy of the company. This flatly admits have promoted iOS because the app is most popular, but see further in the future by declaring:

if we are unable to improve the performance of our products on the Android smartphones, and that these smartphones are becoming more popular and less and less people use iOS, our business could be seriously damaged “.”

In short, it’s time for Snapchat to take Android seriously, and they are well aware. While Snapchat shows are a hit and that their production will increase in 2017, we can expect that a complete overhaul of its Android application is also made of the same time.

As silly as it sounds, the poor quality of Snapchat on our OS is part of the transition between iOS and Android because is difficult for some users. So, it’s good to see the developer admit this problem, and do not take lightly.