Snapchat: a social network for been overestimated not worth anything? [Exclusive Guide]

1:53 am January 24, 201715083

Snapchat is a social networking / chat the most popular of the new generation applications. While Snap Inc. is preparing to go public, an analyst with Global Equities Research focused on one my case… and advance the social network is overrated, in the same way as Twitter, and not worth what its valuation would give him.

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Smartphones have allowed in many anonymous to become the stars of today, with applications and technologies having managed to take full control of a market in record time. One of the last to have achieved this is other than Snapchat.

Very popular with young people, the social network / application of chat turned into Snap Inc. recently and prepares its IPO. For this one, the company is valued at no less than $ 25 billion, and its competitors seem much concerned by these continues to copy its features .

Global Equities Research Analyst seems far from enjoying the favorite application of youth. Trip Chowdhry, as it is called, announced that the company would rather $ 500 million.

The man advances that Snapchat is part of the speculative bubbles that rampant in Silicon Valley now, and predicted the social network the same future than Twitter, Groupon or even Zynga… be a short-lived success and an inability to find a model viable economic .

We can however be slightly more optimistic about the future of Snap inc. The company for managed to create a fad as much as an attractive technological product with my shows that the American public get out of here for a few months.

But it is also true that the company does not seem to have specific plan for my future, merely to be a supply of unusual stories for the moment unless there is sign of financial health.