Skype: the application of favorite chat of hackers [Exclusive Guide]

12:32 am April 22, 20176712

the Skype software developed by Microsoft and which will be swallowed up the old MSN Messenger is so popular that at one time. Although he did know the virtues of video calls to the general public, it seems that it is today especially prized by pirates. At least, that’s what forward an analysis of the firm specializing in security Flashpoint.

skype bug chat

on the internet, everything goes very fast. Sometimes even too fast: it is hard to follow trends to application developers, and especially to create. The case of Skype is important: having absorbed MSN Messenger, and spread the video calls with the general public, it is clear that he loses interest.

And for good reason: with the arrival of mobile phones, they are also tons of competitors who have infiltrated into the breach. Today, Skype pales in the face of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, the two being popular chat clients around the world. But it still attracts world…

Skype is acclaimed by the pirates now

is not necessarily what would Microsoft, but this seems to be a reality according to a study by FlashPoint . The Security Institute for sought to know what was the most used chat application by hackers.

By analyzing discussions on social networks, websites and discussion forums closed groups of pirates that he observes, he noticed that Skype was particularly mentioned the communities English and Russian, with respectively 62% and 38% of use of the software.

Spanish and Arab pirates were themselves fond of Microsoft software in 2012, but these are gradually passed on ICQ or WhatsApp in 2016. We can understand why a child pornography network will have been dismantled on WhatsApp recently.

Note that Russian hackers seem to be the stars of this environment now, the analyst, noting that the trends initiated by these are quickly followed by the other countries.