Skype Lite: Microsoft announces the version of my famous e-mail [Exclusive Guide]

1:48 am February 23, 20176014

that night, Microsoft announced a new application called Skype Lite. It is a light version of its famous Messaging available only on Android. The goal, provide quality service where internet rates are not at the top, or for less powerful smartphone users. The India is the main target market, but anyone can enjoy.

skype lite android application

you know Facebook Lite ? Then you’ll understand the principle of the Skype Lite application, announced last night by the Chairman of Microsoft, Satya Nadella.

Skype Lite: Use Skype even when the network is bad

the principle of this version of Skype is very simple: to use Courier anywhere (or almost) and with any smartphone. Because today, if many users are very well equipped, others may not have the chance to be able to afford Cree last models each year.

The problem with older smartphones, it is that they are sometimes more capable to run some applications. Skype is far from a lightweight application on Android, and Microsoft is aware. With Skype Lite, the Redmond company is for those who are equipped with less powerful smartphones. Skype Lite needs very little resource s (processor, RAM etc.) to operate perfectly since it uses very little data and consumes much less energy.

But the main advantage of Skype Lite isn’t here. The most important is that the application can run even when the network is bad . Thus, users can call (audio and video) for free or send written messages. Yet these messages are not encrypted, but other new features coming in the next few months.

Only negative at the moment, Skype Lite is now reserved for India . Thus, the application is available in seven Indian languages: gujarati, bengali, hindi, mrathe, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu. But there is a good chance that the application to be deployed in the near future in new languages. In the meantime, you can always download the APK here .

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