Skype Lite: Little gourmet in resources and in data [Quick Guide]

8:01 pm February 22, 201710379

Microsoft for unveiled a new app called Skype Lite, emerging countries where smartphones are weak and where data plans are limited. The objective is to benefit from Skype through an application ease, to consume fewer resources, be it on the device itself or on the data network mobile .

This version ease does not support emojis of high quality, nor the encryption end-to-end of conversations that is resource intensive.

On low-cost smartphones, or in places where one is in 2G connection, Skype Lite wants to assert itself as a functional solution, in order to compete with the famous WhatsApp or even Messenger Lite. Especially because Skype Lite is able to become your default SMS app.

Although the application is only available in India at the moment, it is hoped a global launch soon. In the meantime, the APK file to install the application will certainly be found on internet shortly.