Simply point your Drone Bebop with a joystick! [Exclusive Guide]

4:25 pm February 20, 20179845

drone Bebop of Parrot is a model to a value-interesting to learn flight of drone. However, it for no way of really optimized cockpit. Indeed, the pack does as a means of steering than spending since the application Android or iOS. So in order to take full advantage of this machine better invest in a device more suited to the cockpit.

a drone interesting for beginners

as I could describe it in the introduction, this drone is very interesting for beginners without breaking the Bank. It offers an autonomy of about 11-12 minutes by batteries (x 2). Not huge, but acceptable given the other models currently available on the market.

However, we must admit that the cockpit of the drone bebop with a smartphone or a Tablet is not very easy… You may even have a few unexpected ‘impact’ time to take care of your flying machine (croyez mon expérience…) .

the Bebop 2 Parrot drone

Why buy a joystick?

to facilitate the steering of the drone, I so is the acquisition of the bluetooth controller mobile micro ctrlthe of Mad Catz that allows you to really take possession of all the potential of the drone from Parrot.

trust me, the pilotage with the controller for nothing to do with the limited opportunities offered by a smartphone or a tablet.

manette mad catz

controller Mad Catz for smartphone (Android/iOS)

with a controller of that kind, you can simply direct your device and thus achieve more effective shooting and the crash risk is also reduced. ^ ^

for example, if you want to really enjoy using this drone , I strongly advise you to invest in a controller of this type.

video of the Bebop drone

you also use a joystick to fly drone? feel free to share your tests in the comments below. 🙂

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