Simply learn a new language with Duolingo! (English, Spanish,…) [Exclusive Guide]

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in order to improve its capabilities in the language of Shakespeare, it may be worth using one of the many applications available on the market.

after numerous tests on different applications of this kind, I decided to introduce Duolingo. Application which is in my opinion is the best solution available to learn and maintain a ‘minimum’ level in one of the languages offered.

a simple and playful application

Duolingo is as we have seen in the introduction a application that allows to learn a language through daily exercise . Everyone can learn the language of its choice at its own pace.

you can learn English, Spanish, German, Italian or Portuguese.

with Duolingo learn new languages for free.

evolve and learn effectively

from the fact that it takes to exercise regularly for better learn, the application offers to set a daily goal to achieve.

this method is very relevant to learn effectively. Indeed, nothing like a practice regularly to learn a new language.

a playful and efficient learning method.

the application

you can do your exercises from the web version or even from your Smartphone ( iOS , Android ) or tablet.

below is additional information on the operation of the application.

main menu allows to quickly launch learning a new lesson. Once you have completed a “floor” it goes into color gold.

after a few days, the “bases” will lose their color gold. This means that you must rework these lessons in order to not to forget.

main menu of the interface Web of Duolingo

the key to success? The regularity!

as recommended by the application, it is important to work regularly to learn a new language! Indeed, it is more efficient to 2 exercises per day than 10 exercises once a week. So try to be as regular as possible if you want to progress quickly.

after reaching your daily goal, Duolingo informs you and congratulate you when you realized your daily lessons (défini àle départ selon votre objectif) .

using this method, you should improve your understanding of the language you are working significantly. 🙂

work regularly to learn effectively.

a little competition!

in addition to the appearance of regularity, you can also “spice up” your learning by offering friends to join you in order to evolve together.

you can see the evolution of your friends and create a “healthy” competition in learning a new language. 🙂

Moreover, if looking for friends on Duolingo do not hesitate to send me a message from the site contact form. 😉

be more motivated by learning by inviting a friend (e) s.

certify my level of mastery

another plus point with Duolingo and not the least, you can certify your level of English and put forward on the famous professional social network Linkedin .

indeed, the effectiveness of this application and especially recognized by institutions such as Yale, Novell, Santa Clara University, etc.. Learn more about certification Duolingo .

certify your master’s degree in English with Duolingo


to conclude, Duolingo truly is an excellent application to learn a new language. The method that push us to practice on a regular basis (daily goal, competition between friend (s)) is a solution extremely relevant to keep my motivation and evolve quickly and efficiently.

personally I now my Duolingo ritual every day to improve my English. After many months of testing, I highly recommend this application If you want to significantly increase your mastery of a new language.

you also use this solution or another to improve your English, Spanish, German, etc? Feel free to give me your opinion in the comments below.

@ soon! 🙂

Source: DuolingoOfficial .

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