Similar words to find

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you want to find similar words in Word? Then use Word’s built-in thesaurus. Looking out for a selected term Synomye, i.e. words with same meaning.

here our guide:

thesaurus in Word use

  1. to find a synonym, select the word that you want to replace.
  2. then click the word with the right mouse button and select synonyms .
  3. appear in the list the existing synonyms, from which you select one mouse click. If only thesaurus will appear in the list, Word for found no synonyms.
Klicken Sie einen Begriff mit der rechten Maustaste an, um Synonyme zu erhalten.
click a term with the right mouse button to obtain synonyms.

Thesaurus from menu bar start

incidentally, you can open the thesaurus directly, to search it for words and their synonyms. Click Check in the control panel by word tab, then click the icon thesaurus .

Statt über das Kontextmenü können Sie den Thesaurus auch aus dem Word-Menü heraus starten.
instead of using the context menu, you can start the thesaurus from the Word menu.

The thesaurus on the right edge of the window, Word will open and you can begin the search.

Im Thesaurus dürfen Sie beliebige Begriffe nachschlagen.
in the thesaurus may refer to any terms.

Thesaurus online

If you do not use Word, there is some online alternatives to find other words.

vocabulary of uni-Leipzig: http://wortschatz.informatik. /

at the University of Leipzig you will find not just alternative terms to a Word, but also other information about the typical occurrences of a Word. Interesting are also terms that occur in the context of a Word.

open Thesaurus:

In the open thesaurus are synonyms. Can also click further by synonyms and examine associations, so similar terms.

as select text in Word