Similar items: the update of Google Images that will appeal to retailers! [Exclusive Guide]

2:42 pm April 11, 201710339

Google Images for just launched a brand new feature called “Similar Items” or “Similar items” in French that highlights products from e-commerce sites directly in image search results.

Similar Items on Google Images: How does it work?

currently only deployed for research from a smartphone and enforcement search Android, the new feature “Similar items” of Google Images highlights products close to those sought from e-commerce sites correctly tagged with

in practice, when a search is performed on some products only as glasses Sun or handbags, click on a specific search result, the user will be now suggest similar items below the larger version of the image clicked. These suggestions generated automatically with the machine learning of Google will be presented in the form of a carousel of multiple products for each:

  • image,
  • the name of the product,
  • price

  • and the name of the store (when the smartphone screen size allows)

similar to the clicked image images will be so now passed lower just after the carousel of similar products.

these new locations “Similar items” not sponsored yet put forward any e-commerce site offering products similar to those sought by the user. Date, Google for deployed this new feature on some research only (handbags, sunglasses, shoes,…) but intend to widen the search covered elsewhere in the weeks / months to come (products of decoration, outdoor products, accessories…).

here’s a short video that introduces you to the actual functioning of this new feature:

the carousel of similar products will soon be deployed to other terminals, but also on Google Images desktop searches in the coming months.

if all the results displayed in the carousels are currently displayed “donated” by Google, the search engine plans already probably in parallel the arrival of a new advertising format that will monetize this new feature and make pay e-tailers referenced.

articles similaires google images

here is what looks like an image clicked in Google Images with the new feature Similar Items / stories

how appear in the “similar items” from Google Images?

if Google for not disclosed its results ranking criteria, any how e-tailers can put the odds on my side marking its cards products with Product .

to hope to see display your products in this new “Similar items” feature, the product pages must be tagged with these different properties of the Product markup:

  • name
  • image

  • price
  • priceCurrency
  • availibility


once put markup in place don’t forget to test it via the dedicated Google tool to check that everything is properly signposted and that no mistakes don’t go back.

having integrated, tested, and validated markup, information can take up to 1 week to appear in Google Images search results.

the price and availability of the products displayed in Google Images

affichage prix google images

correctly marking sheets, e-tailers can also raise the price, availability and reviews of their products from Google Images

another very interesting novelty for e-tailers, price, reviews and the availability of the products can now also be displayed the pictures clicked by users of results Search Google Images. Here again, can expect to see these data on Google Images, e-merchants must properly tag their product using sheets.

this feature for also been observed only on mobile, a deployment on the desktop within weeks search results / months ahead is for the moment not been confirmed.

– what are these new features will come to forget the recent update of Google Images ? E-tailers have in all cases to gain at the moment.


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