SIM – usa .mobi, affordable solution to have a SIM in the USA [Exclusive Guide]

4:20 pm February 26, 201713277

during my stay on the coast West of the United States for the 2017 CES, I had the opportunity to test a new service allowing to have a SIM in the USA, it’s sim – usa .mobi. This is a good idea because it offers three different packages and two operators. I tested again T-Mobile and H2O, here is my return on this service!

When we go on a trip, we often arises questions: How do I move me on the spot, can I withdraw the money before you leave or even how to have an internet connection on site? If you want to use your smartphone on the spot, the best solution remains to a local SIM card rather than taking an option on your french package (unless you are at Free).

Presentation of sim – usa .mobi

Sim – usa .mobi is a service offered by a french (#cocorico). It allows you to get simply and fast a SIM card to use your smartphone in the USA. Sending is done since the France so allow about 2 days to receive your SIM at home. Pricewise, it starts 29 euros from for 1 GB of data on a duration: 30 days max, it is really reasonable.

So, we get a small packaging like this with the activation process and some explanations on the service. Small precision, but Sim – usa .mobi is a simple reseller in fact, if you have a problem on the spot with your T-Mobile card or H2O, you can safely go in store to exchange it for example, practical!

For the United States, I had the opportunity to test Telaway the year last during my stay in New York. It works well (T-Mobile network), but it can quickly become expensive if you stay long, example during a road trip. Indeed, the price increases depending on the duration and the amount of data remains the same (4 GB)!

Three offers / two operators

there are therefore three offers which cost respectively 29 euros to Lyca Mobile , 45 euros to H2O and 69 euros to T-Mobile . They include all the unlimited calls and SMS to all over the world. The only criterion that sets them apart is the amount of data, of 1 GB to 10 GB as well as tethering for T-Mobile.

package is 30 days whatever the offer, therefore ideal for example if you do a road trip across the USA.

The advantage to me is in your destination function, typically West Coast or East Coast, you can choose the operator best. You will have no problem in the East, but this isn’t the same thing in the West. For this, before you go, you can use the site RootMetrics to see what is the best operator on site.

There is another no less interesting offer which is dedicated to the routers 4G , it’s H2O which so move and it’s 79 euros to 20 GB of data. Clearly advantageous if you leave several!

My tests on site

I had the opportunity in January last to test both the offer T-Mobile and offer AT & T . I had really no problem, this worked right out of the plane and allowed me to order my little Lyft to go to Las Vegas.

Rates are correct without reaching to those that can be had in France. Turn 10 and 30 megas but no more generally between . Of course, I’m talking about the West coast of the United States, could well be higher if you go for example to New York or Washington.

Small Council however, do not rely on the network when you go into the National Park as the Death Valley or Grand Canyon , it was nothing… logic, it’s the desert!


at the time of the publication of this article, sim – usa .mobi is the most interesting solution in my opinion. It helps to have a SIM card at an affordable price for a sufficient period. If you just need to make a few calls, add the Lyca Mobile package, if you need a lot of data, go with T-Mobile.

If you have any questions, feel free in the comments. I answer you with pleasure!