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include characters and words in Apple pages you seek to count characters and words in Apple pages? But how do you get a text statistics in Apple pages? We have the right tip for you here.

to count characters and words in Apple pages

, to determine the number of characters of the text, proceed as follows:

Menü Darstellung - Wortanzahl in Apple Pages
about the menu, turn the display of the number of words.
  • Click display – show word number .
  • now appears on the left at the bottom of the screen a small box with the number of written words.
  • you can move the box when the mouse button is pressed inside the pages window.
  • the number of characters in Apple pages show to let you drive with the mouse pointer over the box.
  • right in the box click the up and down arrow.
  • now opens a list with further information about the text – including the number of characters.
Zeichenzahl und Wortanzahl in Apple Pages
Apple pages indicates the number of characters and the paragraphs of a document next to the word count.

Did you know that you can count on Apple , pages tables ?

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