Show Mac desktop – Tastenkombiation

2:05 pm March 7, 201714201

you want to quickly display the Mac desktop, but many Windows are open on the screen? Then check out our tip, how to do it easily with a button.

Key to the Mac desktop viewing

individually resize all Windows to see the desktop? No, this is not necessary, because a key press on [F11] immediately reveal the desktop of an Apple computer. (If that doesn’t work, press the keyboard shortcut [fn – F11] .

If you need more space on the desktop, set but multiple virtual screens on the Mac a .

Show Desktop button for change

and what if you don’t like the [F11] button to display the desktop? Then you simply select another. It’s your Mac system preferences.

Click mission control herein. At the bottom of the configuration window for a list of functions and list boxes next to it. Show click on the selection next to desk and choose a different key, which you want to call this function.

Tip: To select a keyboard shortcut, press the keys [Umschalten] , [ctrl] , [alt] or [cmd] , while the list with the function keys is open. Immediately, the selector displays with the button you pressed. Then just click and selecting a keyboard shortcut to display the desktop.

Taste zum Mac Desktop anzeigen ändern
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