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“I have which Windows?” – If you ask this question, you are right. In this tip, you will learn how you display the exact version of Windows possible – including the build number or any service packs. The tip works with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10


  1. press [Win – R] version of Windows.
  2. , enter winver .
  3. press the [Return] .

the information window about the Windows version appears a moment later.

in the version number read also, which build is installed, so the minor version. This is important, for example, if you want to know whether an update is already installed. (The Windows Update from the summer 2016 for example for the build number 1607.

so the result for Windows 10:

So sieht winver die Windows-Version 10
see winver from the Windows version 10

see Windows 8.1 (internally 6.3):

caution: don’t be surprised that Windows 7 as version the 6.1 and Windows 8.1 listed the 6.3.) This is due to the internal versioning of Windows.


version of Windows command line there is an another way to determine the version of Windows. Cmd runs on the DOS command line .

  1. press [Win – R].
  2. give cmd a.
  3. then press on the [Return] -button.
  4. type: systeminfo | Then press more
  5. the [Return] button and see the result. From
So sieht die Ausgabe von Systeminfo auf der Windows-Kommandozeile aus.
as the issue of system info on the Windows command line.

In addition to OS version , you will receive the exact specification of the Windows build.

internal version numbers of Windows

mean when you specify version numbers appear in the Windows version. They are each to be assigned to an own Windows Edition.

internal version version of Windows
version 5.1 Windows XP
version 6 Windows Vista
version 6.1 Windows 7
version 6.2 Windows 8
version 6.3 of Windows 8.1
version 10.0 Windows 10

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