Show all subfolders in Explorer – sometimes you want to have the entire directory tree of a drive in the overview shortcut

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. Then open the subfolder is pretty expensive. I’m glad that Windows Explorer it knows a special abbreviation.


folder for the drive or folder

  1. click with the mouse on the desired folder or drive links in the navigation bar of the Explorer. Press on the numeric keypad of the [*]
  2. -button. (The [x] mark is on some keyboards).
  3. the Windows Explorer opens all sub-directories and represents the complete directory tree.

    Baumdarstellung Explorer
    Explorer, open tree

  4. caution: If you perform this key command on a drive icon, it can take quite a while until the Windows Explorer is ready for use again.
  5. to close the tree again, press [-] on the numeric keypad.
  6. [+] button works similar to opens as the star, but show Windows 10 and 8: navigation pane only the current level and not the directories including

If your Explorer of the navigation pane on the left not represented, you can enable it again:

view . go to the menu and then click on the button left navigation area .

Navigationsbereich aktivieren
navigation pane enable

insert the hook with the navigation pane and you have the left column with the drives and directories.

did you know it? You can display full path of a folder in Windows Explorer, the .

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