Set up automatic alerts about your credit using Azure [Exclusive Guide]

2:29 am April 30, 201710679

If you have resources hosted on the public Microsoft Azure cloud, know that you can activate for free alerts on the billing. in this way, it is then possible to set an alert for each subscription based on a used threshold or credit for a given subscription.

To activate this free option, connect to the following URL: . You can see all of your different subscriptions. Click the top right on the link preview features.

Then select the option called Billing Alert Service . Personally, even if my page is displayed in french this continuous feature to display in English. Enable the option and return to the subscriptions with your different subscriptions page.

once the subscription for been chosen, you should see a new option called alerts. You can set alerts according to the amount of money spent or remaining on your subscription.

From there, you will receive a automatic email therefore you reach these thresholds.

More information on the official page of Azure .