Set up a Wi – Fi connection as limited in Windows 10 [Full Guide]

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to connect to the Internet, you may need to use a package data limited , this is the case especially if you use your smartphone as access point Wi – Fi . If you exceed the limit allowed by your operator, you can have fees additional (for example € 0.05/consumed MO) or see your reduced flow. In Windows 10 you can set up a Wi – Fi connection as limited : This allows to reduce the amount of data you send / receive, and prevents Windows Update to automatically download new updates . In this tutorial, I’ll show you how define your Wi – Fi connection as limited , which will allow you to reduce your bandwidth consumption and preserve your plan data .

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note: by default, Windows sets the Wi – Fi connections such as unlimited and as cellular connections limited .

what happens when defining as wireless limited connection ?

  • Windows Update will automatically download updates , except when they are necessary for the proper functioning of Windows. Since the update Creators , Microsoft allows Windows Update to download updates to security critical even if your connection is defined as limited.
  • applications that need an Internet connection to update or display information can be limited in the amount of data that she can download/upload.
  • Store Windows apps will be no longer updated automatically.
  • live tiles on the start menu will no longer updated.
  • offline files will automatically synchronize.
  • Windows 10 will no longer use your bottom-up bandwidth to share updates with other machines connected to the Internet.

to set as a wireless limited connection , open parameters Windows 10 (keys Windows + i ) and select network and Internet .

select Wi – Fi in the left column.

If you want to set the connection Wi – Fi on which you are currently connected as limited, simply click on the SSID of your wireless network .

If you want to set a another connection Wi – Fi as limited, click on manage known networks :

then click on SSID of the Wi – Fi network and finally properties .

scroll to the section limited connection and then check the box on .

and here, your free Wi – Fi was defined as limited connection ! A notification may appear, informing you that your PC is currently on a limited network connection.