SEO: A Google update being deployed? [Exclusive Guide]

5:54 pm January 25, 201712469

for a few days, some webmasters Francophones and Anglophones observe at the moment of fluctuations in pretty amazing positions. If all the results of research tracking tools are not unanimous, some big players also detect recent fluctuations.

the late impact of update January 11, 2017?

maybe. Google for officially deployed on January 10 an update penalizing the interstitial and pop – ups on mobile sites . Many webmasters had so far complained of a possible decline in their positions and even less of their SEO traffic. But here, since about January 20, a few webmasters French and English begin to react on the potential impacts of an update deployed by Google (webmasters testimonials should be treated with a step back because we know neither the sites nor the recent actions on the latter).

updates of Google taking always a few days to be globally deployed, it is likely that the first impacts are just beginning to be felt, even if they should normally mainly concern the positions and mobile traffic.

mise à jour google janvier 2017

overview of a discussion started on WebRankInfo about a possible update around January 20, 2017

say the tools to track the evolution of search results (mobile/desktop)?

Mozcast, Serpmetrics, and RankRanger all detect a big fluctuation around 23-24 January 2017:

mozcast 23 janvier 2017

analysis Mozcast of January 23, 2017

serpmetrics Janvier 2017

a big pic of fluctuations identified on Serpmetrics on the first page of search results on January 24, 2017

rank ranger janvier 2017

RankRanger in red also on 24 January 2017 (Desktop results)

rankranger mobile janvier 2017

the RankRanger of fluctuations in mobile results analysis would show that update 10 January Google for had significant impacts on the SERPs Mobile

for those who don’t know no RankRanger, the tool analyzes anyway the ranking more 10 000 areas.

side Algoroo, nothing to report on the results of Desktop and Mobile:

algoroo janvier 2017 desktop

Algoroo analysis of fluctuations on the Desktop results

algoroo janvier 2017 mobile

Algoroo analysis of fluctuations on results Mobile

Google for confirmed yet no special updates.

your opinion on this info?