Selection of 12 “Food” for WordPress premium themes [Quick Guide]

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I like to follow trends in the blogosphere, and in particular those of the female blogosphere. And right now, impossible to miss the trend “ healthy food ‘ and the veganism . Two ways of life that are subject to debate – especially the second – but which represent, in my opinion, a nice evolution of mentalities. Food Porn for now run its course…

Restaurateurs are also in tune and more fresh, healthy and refined cuisine. For example, many organic restaurants open in the big cities.

Whether you are a blogger who wants to share my recipes or a passionate restaurateur, I propose a selection of “Food” Premium themes to highlight your expertise and your values!

For restaurateurs

SAGE $59

Sage is a theme specializes in the restoration and offers no less than 40 demos: restaurant Italian, Indian, Asian, Mexican, specialities of the sea, sushi, ice cream, etc. Whatever your activity, you will find your happiness among all these choices!

Then, another significant quality, this theme is beautiful! Below, three demos to show the aesthetic delicacy of this theme. Sleek, stylish and modern, this theme is a great success! Note that it makes great image: your graphics are highlighted and allow you to show off your culinary skills to your customers.

Wise take him a few plugins that will help you enhance your site: Visual Composer (and 23 topic-specific elements), Revolution Slider and Essential Grid. You can customize it very thoroughly.

Sage is compatible with WooCommerce , you can make your site a real online business. In addition, the theme offers various addons (pop up, news, overview of the basket and slider bar) to help you improve your conversion rate.

You’re restaurateurs? Do not hesitate!

themes food 1


BeTheme is a versatile theme, which is suitable for any type of activity. What interests us here, it’s my GoodFood demo: fresh and gourmet, I appreciate its visual identity quite pronounced. She for a soul: it’s light and discreet, but enough support to stand out of some insipid, all-purpose design that we encounter.

BeTheme offers its own Page Builder (Muffin Builder 3) or even Visual Composer, either. Many options, shortcodes and page templates allow you to customize your site: layout, design, etc. Describe you everything so this theme is rich in possibilities.

BeTheme is also compatible with WooCommerce.

theme wordpress food 2

TAVERN $39 (now on sale)

Tavern, still a beautiful theme that would give me almost want to get into the restaurant! Once again, the images are highlighted: full page, they dress the site and put the water in the mouth!

Like wise (these two themes are designed by the same designers), it loads the plugins Visual Composer, Slider Revolution and Essential Grid. The theme is compatible with OpenTable, a plugin of booking which will allow your customers to book directly online.

Tavern is also compatible with WooCommerce.

theme food wordpress 3


good, here’s one who isn’t vegan! If I find that its design for a little less ‘ soul’ than those of the three previous themes, it is less successful. Warm, friendly and pro, it will inspire confidence in your customers.

This theme is simpler than previous ones – which can sometimes be factories to gas for novices. Here, you don’t get lost in the options in the possibilities: there are less, but there are the basics.

This theme is not compatible with WooCommerce. Unless you put your hands in the code, you won’t be able to do as a showcase site. Steak House for a good potential, is relatively simple to pick up. But nevertheless it is not the best topic of the selection.

thème food wordpress


Organici is perfect to sell fresh and healthy products – of course! Yet once again, we have a theme that for a vitamin and refreshing design! Its particularity is the opportunity to create and sell boxes. They are very trendy at the moment, they grow fast and Organici started the page offering this opportunity.

This theme also lets you create a Custom Post Type , which will allow you to create a very complete site. Finally, this theme is of course compatible with WooCommerce and it loads the plugins Visual Composer and Slider Revolution.

You can do great things with Organici!

thème food WordPress

for bloggers

LOOK $34 (currently on sale)

Look is a very good Magazine theme. The designers have just recently released a demo special Food and I must say that I find very successful! Thanks to its layout way magazine, you can show your recipes by topic on the home page, news or popular recipes in front. You will have a blog dynamic, organized and very professional! Regarding the design, this demo is sleek, thin, dotted with discreet touches of color. A very nice balance!

A major advantage of this theme in my opinion: the automatic loading of items. As soon as you have finished and read, the following will appear below. As long as the content of your site interested in your readers, they will be hooked by the automatic loading of items and will have hours to discover your content without even realizing it! The theme also offers a rating system with the ability to add different criteria: a small gadget that can be useful!

Look comes with a Page Builder intuitive (Ruby Page Composer) designed by the creators of the theme. Associated with many display and customization of the theme options, you can design a unique and comprehensive site.

To go even further, Look is compatible with WooCommerce.

theme food wordpress


VeggiePress is a modern and very visual theme. It is specially designed to share recipes: you can add a list of ingredients, the steps to prepare the recipe and directions (prep time, cooking time, number of calories, number of covers). Finally, a ‘print’ button is available for users interested in the recipe, and a rating in the comments system will then allow them to give their opinion.

If this topic is pretty well optimized for revenue sharing, wait a bit to see what I’ll save for later!

food theme wordpress


Avocet, I appreciate it for its dynamic and original layout. I love that items are not presented in a linear manner, that there is movement, a “break” between the articles.

Apart from its attractive design, it stands not particularly in its category.

You can personalize because it proposes, among other things, 8 different displays for your articles, 3 sliders to put forward areas of Call to Action and widgets particularly well designed.

food theme WP

FOODBOOK $59 (currently on sale for $47)

come on, end of the suspense! The small bomb from this selection, it is FoodBook! Well, I think its a bit loaded design and I do not necessarily adhere to some graphic choices (colors for example), but in terms of functionality, FookBook is perfect for sharing recipes! It allows you for example: the basics, i.e. provide guidance on the preparation time, on the level of difficulty and the number of calories (all with very nice pictograms), display a list of ingredients and the stages of realization of the recipe.

Then, the small added value of this theme, it’s check the ingredients once you’re armed with everything you need, and check the steps once you made them, with a small indicator that tells you where you are. It’s certainly a little gadget, and when your hands are busy in the kitchen, it is not necessarily practical to make check marks on my computer. But I think of those who cook with tablets, and there I think it becomes very interesting to follow the thread, especially when there are long recipe and complex!

Details of revenues are particularly well developed, with many pictographs found in the instrategic rights. The theme is an accountant with WooCommerce, there are locations for advertising, for forms of newsletter. Finally, for more shares, you can do a collaborative blog, inviting your visitors to sign up and provide their recipes!

meilleur food theme WordPress


simpler and more streamlined than its predecessor, there are however a number of identical characteristics: the possibility to check the ingredients (but not the steps of the recipe), areas reserved for advertising and to create a store with WooCommerce.

If Foodica is less complete, more aesthetically. However, if you want to go further with Foodica, you can install compatible plugins: EasyRecipe, Yummly Rich Recipes or Jetpack Recipe.

food WordPress

delight PLUS $39 (now on sale)

I put more delight in the selection for its visual identity: very many icons, colors and typography options allow you to create a universe “Homemade” Food, friendly and warm!

On the other hand, some cool features to your recipes in value, shame :/

wordpress food

were $75 Theme GENESIS

Let’s finish this selection with a small Genesis theme – it’s stronger than me, they are so beautiful! To use this theme install the Genesis Framework beforehand.

Were features a sleek, feminine and elegant design which will seduce certainly all cookers. It is possible to design a type magazine, for a site homepage even more professional and organized.

To go even further, were is compatible with the plugins WooCommerce and Easy Recipe.

food wordpress themes

you are a man, a woman, restaurateur, Cook (era), blogger, I hope that a theme of this selection will have your attention 😉