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in Photoshop in Photoshop, select areas of an image that you want to edit. This is simply the area tool. However, the tool can think more than you. Read here.

the marking tool

use to select the selection tool. You will find in the toolbar as a symbol with a dashed rectangle or an ellipse.

Das Auswahlwerkzeug findet sich in der Werkzeugleiste von Photoshop.
the selection tool can be found in the Photoshop tool bar.

Tip: To toggle between the ellipse and rectangle, click the selection tool and holding down the mouse button. Then, you can select the tool.

with enabled selection tool, run the mouse pointer over the image. Then click and hold the mouse button, drag the marker.

Tip: increase and decrease images in Photoshop.

tags combine

Mit Hilfe der Umschalten-Taste können Sie weitere Bereiche zusätzlich markieren.
using the toggle button you can also mark other areas.

Highlight in Photoshop can do even more: the program allows you to combine multiple selection fields or side by side to create.

, this is how:

  1. turn left selection rectangle or the select ellipse in the toolbar of the .
  2. select the first range of the image.
  3. press and hold switch to pressed. A small plus sign appears next to the mouse pointer.
  4. select the other areas now. Hold down toggle always here.

If you have selected the desired parts of the image, you can apply the effect or filter.


tags and there’s more: you can remove also marks.

Mit gedrückter Alt-Taste können Sie Markierungen entfernen.
hold down the ALT key, you can remove tags.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. turn the selection tool and select a form.
  2. mark the first area and other areas.
  3. press and hold the key [Alt]. Then you see a little minus sign next to the selection of cross.
  4. run the mouse pointer an already highlighted. To select another area.
  5. you release mouse pointer and button. After that, the area of your choice from the existing mark is deleted.
Mit diesem Trick können Sie auch mehrere Bereiche in Photoshop voneinander unabhängig markieren.
with this trick you can independently select several areas in Photoshop.