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you want a screenshot with your Mac take up? Apple computer with Mac OS X have a built-in function to make screenshots. In the following we will show you which key combinations you need to know for the screenshots.

screenshot Apple: record and save

on the Mac, you have always the choice, whether you record the entire screen or just a in the screenshot area.

Screenshot Apple: Tastenkombination zum gesamten Bildschirm aufnehmen

full screen take to scan the entire screen in a screenshot, press the key combination [Umschalten] – [cmd] – [3] . To photograph a cutout, you use only

Screenshot Apple: Tastenkombination zum Bildschirmbereich fotografieren
area of the screen to take pictures

[Umschalten] – [cmd] – [4] and drag while holding down mouse button with the mouse a framework. The Mac photographed after releasing the mouse button.

Alternatively you can photograph a window. Press the keyboard shortcut, cause the mouse pointer over a window and even tap the space bar.

the images are immediately saved on the desktop of your Mac and bear the name of picture followed by the date and time of the recording. However annoying the footage of Windows shadow, you remove the but may have .

Ein auf dem Mac aufgenommenes Bildschirmfoto

picture recorded on the Mac currently stores your Apple computer the screenshots in PNG format. You can convert but later the screenshots with the Preview in PDF format . Take screenshot and copy to Clipboard

not always it takes the screenshot as a file. If you want to add for example the screen shot directly into a presentation, or a text document, it is sufficient to copy the image to the Clipboard. To do this you use same keyboard shortcuts as above, except you additionally press and hold [ctrl] .

Screenshot Apple: Tastenkombination zum gesamten Bildschirm in die Zwischenablage speichern
screenshot of the entire screen to the Clipboard, save

to save the entire screen as image on the Clipboard, press the keyboard shortcut [ctrl] [Umschalten] – [cmd] – [3] .

Screenshot Apple: Tastenkombination zum Ausschnitt aufnehmen und in Zwischenablage speichern
cut and Clipboard store

on the other hand, you want to save a frame to the Clipboard, use [ctrl] [Umschalten] – [cmd] – [4] . Then select the image area that you want to be photographed with the mouse. Or, hold the mouse pointer over a window and even tap the space bar to shoot the window.

the program preview screenshot make

the program “Preview” of Mac OS X for a built-in screenshot function. You can reach the menu drop – screen take photo .

find a three options a submenu:

  • selection…
  • window…
  • full screen

are exactly the three options that you can use with the help of keyboard shortcuts. The advantage of a screenshot of the preview is that you can further process the photo right in the preview program and save in any format.

Screenshot über das Programm Vorschau
screenshot of the program Preview

here continue reading, if you want to know how you shrink screenshots on your Mac . Mac screenshot from the command line on the command line of the Mac

is there another tool for screenshots. You can call it for example from script files. Or establish a function, regularly photographed off your screen.

open the program terminal on your Mac. [Entertomakeafirstscreenshot:

screencapture ~/Desktop/screen.png

so the program immediately takes a screenshot and saves it in the file screen.png on your desk. (The symbol ~ means your home directory desktop is the internal directory name for the desktop).

of course, screencapture for still a lot of parameters. [Someexamples:

screenshot on Mac with delay record

the parameter t allows a time-delayed recording:

screencapture t 10 ~/Desktop/screen.png

here the example pass ten seconds before the screenshot is taken.

interactive mode

In interactive mode, select a window or area using the mouse and keyboard, just like at the keyboard shortcut [Umschalten] – [cmd] – [4] . [

screencapture-i ~/Desktop/screen.png

screen shot record in other format with the-t parameter and enter of a format, you can save the screenshot in a different image format, such as jpg , pdf or tiff . [[

screencapture t of pdf ~/Desktop/screen.pdf

parameters combine

can of course combine several parameters, for example for a screenshot in JPEG format, which is taken after 10 seconds:

screencapture t 10 t of jpg ~/Desktop/screen.jpg

more information about the program you get if you type screencapture


the program "Screen shot" by Apple

only Apple specialists is known, that there is still an old Apple program called screenshot. This also makes screenshots. The highlight is the program: You can set how the mouse pointer in the screenshot should look like. To determine the shape of the pointer, screenshot - settings .

Einstellungen des Programms Bildschirmfoto
settings of the program screen shot

In the menu photo have the choice to scan an area, a window or the entire screen. self-timer awaits the program ten seconds before it scans the entire screen.

the pointer shapes are useful, if you need to customize screen shots showing the mouse.

read here how you can shrink the screenshots .

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