‘Scale-Out’ for ThecusOS 7.0 and Thecus Connect application [Quick Guide]

11:18 pm November 18, 20169703

Thecus comes to announce two new, one comes directly improve the system operating ThecusOS 7, the other is a new application for mobile to control and monitor my SIN.

logo-thecus-10 Basic, a Thecus NAS was limited to the connection of 5 units of storage additional and this was limited to ranges Pro models. With the new feature Scale-Out, completeness of the Thecus NAS under ThecusOS 7 may add additional storage units, and this without theoretical limit.

Regarding the Thecus Connect application, it allows to manage my SIN on the move, it is compatible Android and iOS. It is not yet available, but it shouldn’t take too long.

Here’s a video presentation: