Save file: it is the fastest

2:27 pm March 15, 201713543

a file can you easily save the appropriate menu command. The store however you go faster if you know the correct shortcut. Here the keys to storing documents.

file save – to save shortcut keys

  • a file, press [Strg – S] in Windows .
  • on the Mac use the shortcut [ command – S]
  • If you save the file for the first time, the program where you want to save the file will ask you and look for a name.
  • then the file at each key press on [Strg – S] or [Befehl – S] will be automatically stored in the same place and under the same name.

you get used to, again and again to press this hotkey when you edit, for example, a text. This is the best protection against data loss if a computer crashes.

Datei speichern mit Tastenkürzel
with the correct key combination, you can save files in Office under a different name.

Save file – shortcut for Microsoft Office

If you wish to save an already saved file in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint again under a different name, applies a different keyboard shortcut:

  • in Windows, you press the button [F12] . Then appears a dialog to save the file under a new name.
  • on the Mac press [Umschalten – Befehl – S] .

read here how to copy files and move .

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